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George Graham - 2nd Registrar General - 1842-1880

Lister had laid the foundations for the new Registration Service and for census-taking, but it fell to George Graham to make the adjustments which gave both their essential shape for several decades to come. Lister had had very little time to organize the 1841 census, and had of necessity based it on the ancient divisions of parishes, hundreds, rapes and wapentakes, like the earlier censuses.

It was clear to Graham, and William Farr, head of the Statistical Branch, that an arrangement based on the newer Registration Districts would be much more useful. This would Thomas Henry 1st Registrar 1836-mean that the population data obtained in the census years could be compared with the numbers of births, marriages and deaths in each district. Accordingly, Graham obtained funds from the Treasury to employ a number of temporary clerks for two years to re-arrange the results of the 1841 census in accordance with the new Registration Districts.

Some of the clerks employed on this task were re-engaged for the 1851 census, the experience gained from the arrangement of one census being a great asset in organizing the next. From now on each census could be administered by the Registrars and Superintendent Registrars in each district. A completely new arrangement of enumeration districts was required, and for this a set of accurate maps would be required.

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